Ministries Print

Sunday School- Bible stories and activities for all ages.


LYF (Lutheran Youth @ Foothills - Opportunities for Junior High and Senior High young people to develop Christian friendships and grow in their faith.


FLC Young Adults - younger members of the congregation (typically 18-35 or thereabouts) interested in bible studies, service opportunities, activities, socials, food and retreats.


Bible Studies - pre-marriage counseling, and adult classes - Education for Adults.


Cracked Pots - Opportunities for `young at heart' adults to develop Christian friendships, serve God, and grow in their faith.


Board of Christian Education - responsible for Christian instruction for all ages.


Choir - People glorifying God through music.


LWML - The Lutheran Women's Missionary League (LWML) is a group which meets for Mission Education, Mission Inspiration and Mission Service. The LWML is an official auxiliary of Lutheran Church - Canada.


Human Care Ministries - connects people with God's love through caring relationships and well-targeted service.


Board of Stewardship - Our focus is on whole life stewardship, whereby we seek for people to grow in faith and to live their lives as gifts from God, in His service. This includes encouraging the use of the time, talents, and treasures of congregation members to the glory of God.


Silver Saints Fellowship – Fellowship for our seniors.


Board of Evangelism - responsible for church public relations and outreach.


Board of Fellowship - responsible for strengthening fellowship between members, integration of new members and the up-building of mutual cooperation, trust, and enjoyment among the members of the congregation.