MUSICAL NOTES - June 2013 Print

Spring Concert - Foothills Favourites, by L. Brookwell

We celebrated four years under the direction of Chad Utke by performing a Spring Concert on Sunday evening, June 2nd, 2013.   “Foothills Favourites”, a collection of meaningful worship songs that the choir members loved to sing, was well-received by a fairly large and appreciative audience/congregation.  Chad invited the congregation to suggest their favorite hymns as well and we joyously sang together “Amazing Grace” and “Beautiful Saviour”.


A few comments from attendees:


“I wanted to reiterate everything you've already heard about the choir's performance on Sunday. You guys have never sounded better.  A few songs into your performance mom said you should take it on the road.  I know that's lots of work , but I think it speaks to the quality of your work.  It was so nice to sing Beautiful Savior in honor of Bob and Ruth. I know there were lots of heavenly eavesdroppers for that performance! I wish I could say it better, but well done good and faithful servants"




20 voices: angelic

16 songs: inspirational!

8 piece orchestra: awesome!

1 conductor to bring it home: PRICELESS!!!

Outstanding concert tonight the FLC choir has ever sounded!!!!



All glory be to our God!