MUSICAL NOTES - March 2014 Print

I've been so tardy at posting choir updates this year.  Better late than never!  We started our 2013/14 season with a few new members. We always praise God for new voices!


We received a heartfelt resignation letter in the summer from our Director, Chad.  We learned a lot and really enjoyed our time with Chad. We appreciate all the time and effort organizing our Spring Concerts and various other concerts, including live musicians, during his time with us.


Pastor Bode stepped up to the plate to direct the choir until a new choir director is found.  God has blessed us with a multi-talented pastor and we seems to have become a cohesive group under his direction this season.


With Easter on the way, and much to reflect on during the Lenten season, our Wednesday evening practices will be filled with penitent music and then songs to celebrate the gift we have been given in Jesus Christ.


We are always happy to have new voices join the choir.  Practice is Wednesday evenings at 7:30 p.m.

L. Brookwell