3104 - 34th Ave NW, Calgary, AB     (403) 284-1342

Sundays 10:15am & Wednesdays 6:30pm

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Please visit our new website www.preschool.foothillslutheran.com

Foothills Lutheran Christian Preschool is a non-profit program for 3 and 4 year-olds where children learn through play in a caring environment. Our program facilitates the development of the whole child in a caring Christian environment. Each child is nurtured in his/her intellectual, social, emotional, physical, creative and spiritual development. Children learn through play. They need to experience, observe, imitate, discover, question and evaluate in a supportive, stimulating and enjoyable environment. Each child is created by God and is accepted an individual with unique interests, needs and abilities.

INTELLECTUAL DEVELOPMENT: Children are daily read to from quality children’s literature to enable them to build a vocabulary base and develop a love of the written word. Listening and speaking skills, music, letter recognition and the realization that print is speech written down is also a part of our program. Children are exposed to basic geometric shapes, ordering, number recognition, and the concept of number value. Children are encouraged to expand their knowledge of the world around them. Whether it be experimenting with gravity and structure through playing with various types of blocks or experimenting with the mixing of color at the paint easel or water table, children learn by pushing, pulling and experiencing their world.

SOCIAL & EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Children experience being part of a group with all that involves:

  • taking turns, sharing, cooperating, helping others and expressing one’s self in an appropriate manner.
  • We believe that God made each of us as unique and valued individuals. This encourages us to care about, respect and value each other.

PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT: Children are facilitated in developing various small and large motor skills in the classroom, outside, or in our large play area. Students will cut with scissors, pound play dough, pinch water droppers, run, hop, and throw as they have fun together. Independence is encouraged through the development of self help skills, good health and safety habits.

CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT: Children are encouraged to make choices and express themselves through language, art, music, cooking, movement, and imaginative play. Process matters more than product as children in this age group experiment with ideas, colors, sounds, textures and tastes.

SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT: We believe God made us, loves us, and cares for us. At the end of each class time we learn a little bit more about our loving God through stories, song, and prayer.

  • Foothills Lutheran Christian Preschool has an open door policy to children of all faiths. There is no home church requirement. All children are welcome.
  • Our preschool is licensed and approved to accept children eligible for the stay-at-home parent government subsidy.
  • We are located in the walk-out level of Foothills Lutheran Church, close to the Brentwood LRT station and the University of Calgary. Free parking is provided for preschool families. (From Crowchild Trail, turn west on to 32 Ave. NW, turn north onto 31 Street NW and finally turn east onto 34 Ave., NW)
  • English-as-second-language students are welcome and benefit from our small class size.
  • Watch for our teacher’s “Parenting Your Preschooler” column appearing in the Tuscany Sun.
  • Betty Ann Chandler, our teacher/administrator holds a Bachelor of Education degree, a Child Development Supervisor certificate and was runner up to the 2009 Lutheran Teachers’ Association’ Teacher of Excellence Award. She would be happy to talk with you. Phone 284-1360 or email at school@foothillslutheran.com.