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Sundays 10:15am & Wednesdays 6:30pm

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Please visit our new website www.preschool.foothillslutheran.com

Foothills Lutheran Christian Preschool is a licensed, non-profit half-day program for 3 and 4 year-olds that facilitates the whole child in a caring Christian environment.  Children learn through play and are nurtured in their cognitive, physical, creative, spiritual, social and emotional development by experienced staff.   FLC Preschool is a member of the Southern Alberta Preschool Teacher’s Association and are approved to accept children eligible for the stay-at-home parent government subsidy program.  We offer services for early intervention on site including a free speech screening for all our 4 years in September.  We offer an orientation visit with your teacher before your child begins class and several parent/child activities throughout the year.  The children enjoy a fenced out-door playground and an indoor gym space.  Children moving on to kindergarten are presented with a Children’s Bible of their own at the end of the year.

Parents may choose for their child to attend 2, 3, 4, or 5 half-days per week from September – June.  Morning classes are scheduled 8:45 – 11:30 am.  Afternoon classes are scheduled 12:45 – 3:30 pm.  Registration forms are on the preschool website at www.preschool.foothillslutheran.com or on the able outside our classroom.

Our preschool offers more than a list of activities. It is the combination of the knowledge and skills of the staff responding to the individual needs of the children. The children are helped to overcome their individual challenges and are facilitated to learn new skills and ideas. Their strengths and successes are encouraged.  Staff actively participate in the children’s play. They introduce activities and materials that lead to learning. They also interpret and enlarge experiences for the children, taking an active interest in learning discoveries. Through a solid knowledge of child development and from observations of the room and individual children, the teacher plans appropriate, stimulating activities.

Program Areas:  Foothills Lutheran Preschool strives to provide flexible daily programming to meet the interests and needs of our preschoolers.  Children learn by doing, experiencing, observing, imitating, discovering, questioning, and evaluating. Children learn through play.

  • Physical Development:  Children will develop both fine and gross motor skills by running, jumping, throwing, cutting with scissors, pinching water droppers, and molding play dough.
  • Intellectual Development:  Children will be provided with an environment for curiosity, reasoning and problem solving. Equipment such as water/sand tables, play vehicles and construction blocks will provide opportunities for classifying, ordering, and perceiving spatial relationships.  Music, art, and science will provide opportunities for children to foster a greater understanding of our environment and encourage creativity.
  • Language Development:  Children learn language by listening, watching, and talking.  Opportunities will be offered through storytelling, books, dramatic play, and sharing to develop receptive and expressive language skills and encourage communication.
  • Emotional Development:  The opportunity to develop a positive self-concept and accurate perception of self by using books, displaying art, posters, and photographs of children and their interests. Providing quiet space along with physical activity allows children to reflect on their emotions and give them opportunities to express positive and negative feeling in appropriate ways.
  • Social Development:  Communicating, sharing, cooperating, and helping others will be provided by playing social games, group and independent activities.  Independence will be fostered through development of self-help skills, good health and safety habits.
  • Creativity:  Foster the creative development of children by encouraging them to problem solve, by encouraging an appreciation of beauty & innovation, and by facilitating them to express themselves by various means.
  • Spiritual Development:  Christian learning and living presents God as we know Him from the Bible.  Opportunities will be offered for children to learn more about God’s love through Bible stories and application, as well as spiritual songs and prayers.