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August 16, 2020 – We are All Beggars
Posted: August 16, 2020

Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost (Series A) – Matthew 15:21-28


July 19, 2020
Posted: July 18, 2020

Seventh Sunday after Pentecost – Romans 8:18-27 The service for this Sunday is here in its entirety. It was prerecorded due to the technical issues we have dealing with of late. We continue to work to ensure that the Word…


June 14, 2020 – Pastor Eric
Posted: June 21, 2020

Second Sunday after Pentecost (Series A, Proper 6)


June 7, 2020 – In the Beginning–and Even Now–He is God
Posted: June 7, 2020

Trinity Sunday – Genesis 1:1–2:4a On this day, we rejoice in the wonderful knowledge of the True God, the Triune God. He, who created all things, has also redeemed us as His own. He makes Himself known to us, and…


May 31, 2020 – Where’s the Fire?
Posted: May 31, 2020

Pentecost Sunday (Series A) – Acts 2:1-12 Through the Holy Spirit, the apostles change from timid and uncertain individuals to being “fired up” witnesses of Christ. With the Holy Spirit at work in our lives, we also are on fire…