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  New COVID Restrictions

 Posted: May 5, 2021 by Trevor Heumann  

Once again, the struggles with COVID are impacting our society and our congregation. Even as we hope for a positive end of COVID, we find ourselves dealing with the surge in COVID infections that have brought the latest round of mandatory public health restrictions and which impact our worship together.

The Elders met the evening of Tuesday, May 4, and discussed how to approach these days. The restrictions are that are in effect for the next 3 weeks (May 9, 16, and 23) mean that worship numbers in the city of Calgary are restricted to 15 people. We have determined that, as hard as it is, we will return to the approach we had last year, at the very beginning of COVID.

To that end, our services will only be online for the next 3 weeks, although we may have to extend this, based on the restrictions that are in place.

We do hope and pray that this is the short-term response to the present numbers of infections. Lord willing, we will be back to at least our present levels by the beginning of June.

It is disheartening for all of us that we have to face these restrictions again. We know how blessed we are by our gathering together in the name of the Lord around His Word. Our fellowship in the Word is such a key part of our lives as the people of God. Yet, as God’s faithful, we also obey the laws of the land and seek all that we can do under the circumstances to be in that Word through our online services, and to share it with others who may not have that technology.

I also urge you to pray! Pray that God would deliver us from COVID. Pray that these restrictions may soon be unnecessary and lifted. Pray that we will continue to find our strength for these days in the assurance of His grace. As we rejoice in these Easter days, we remember that the worst disease–the disease of sin–hs been healed by His grace. We know that the worst isolation–our separation from our God–has given way to the closeness and life we have with God in the Living Saviour. COVID may create complications, but it cannot keep us from the grace that God gives us in Jesus Christ.

Please know that we are seeking to do everything we can for the spiritual and physical well being of you, the dear people of God. Your pastors want to share God’s Word with you in whatever way we can. We want you to know that we are here to serve you.

I have mentioned before that one person, when asked what his favourite Bible passage was, answered, “I like the passage that says, “It came to pass”. I know that it refers to what happened, but I like to remember that it came to pass, and not that it came to stay.”

COVID and these restrictions will not stay. We will endure and God will see us through. May that hope comfort and sustain us in these days.

Again, please note that effective immediately, our services return to online only until at least May 23rd.

We pray that God, whose mercies are new every morning will continue to bless you and your family as we go through these days.

In His service,
Pastor Bode